Hearing Test

Whether you failed a hearing screening, were referred by your physician or encouraged by friends or family to get your hearing tested, you’ve come to the right place. East Bay Audiologists listens carefully to your concerns about your hearing, so you hear better. In addition to performing audiologic exams, we will review your medical history, discuss your exposure to noise and help you identify situations where you find hearing to be a challenge.  Every patient receives one-on-one attention by a Doctor of Audiology. Scheduling an appointment for a hearing test is an important first step in better hearing.

What tests are performed?

The hearing tests begin with a visual examination of your ears. An otoscope is used to inspect your ears for any abnormalities or excessive ear wax. Then a variety of tests will be performed to determine any degree or type of hearing loss you may have. Not every test is necessary for every patient. The most common tests are tympanometry, pure tone testing, bone conduction testing and speech testing.

  • Tympanometry determines if your eardrum (tympanic membrane) and middle ear are functioning properly. A small probe is place in your ear, a puff of air changes the air pressure and then a tone is generated. Each ear is tested separately, and the results recorded on a tympanogram.
  • Pure tone testing or pure tone audiometry determines your hearing levels for different tones or frequencies. You wear headphones and signal as indicated by the audiologist when you hear the tone. The results are recorded on an audiogram.
  • Bone conduction testing is similar to pure tone testing, but the sounds are transmitted directly to the cochlea via an oscillator that bypasses the middle and outer ear. Like pure tone testing, each ear is tested individually.
  • Speech testing is used to identify problems with hearing and processing speech in a variety of situations.

Industrial hearing testing

Some workplaces regulated by OSHA require regular hearing tests a part of a comprehensive hearing conservation program.

East Bay Audiologists is trained to perform industrial hearing tests at your facility or ours and can help you stay in compliance by creating hearing conservation programs. Whether you are an employer or employee, you can trust East Bay Audiologists to help safeguard hearing in the workplace.